There is not much that compares to the immense joy that comes from observing my four children experience and fully engaged with nature.  To notice the monarch laying it’s eggs on the milk weed, or delight in the Prairie Smoke when it’s in bloom. It’s the child like sense of wonder and awe that inspires my work in Mixed-media and kiln-formed glass…As in I “wonder” what will happen if I try THIS? Though some of my work may lean more toward “aw” inspiring than “awe”, every example of creation I take time to delight in, from my favorite Prairie Smoke to all the creatures with wings that visit my small patch of yard, they cannot help but give POWERFUL TESTIMONY to their own extravagant Creator.

My glasswork has evolved over the years into a full blown love affair with glass in all forms, especially kiln-formed glass. From the seductive way it plays with light, to the endless ways it can be manipulated to achieve desired results. Working with kiln-formed glass increasingly appeals to my inner mad-scientist as I long to understand its history, chemistry, behavior on a deeper level.  I always approach my investigations, with great joy and delight in discovery, whether those investigations prove successful or not.

As my awareness continues to grow of the many pioneers in glass who have paved trails, past and present, my gratitude and appreciation of their efforts grows deeper as well.  Involvement with a truly delightful group, MCGAG (Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group), has been been instrumental in adding fuel to the fire that feeds my glass curiousities.

Remaining Curious-

Brandie Dunn

I can be reached at Brandie@studiodunndesigns.com 🙂


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