The Legacy Of Littleton and His Students


October brought an enchanting visit to a little slice of glass heaven in Neenah, WI called the Bergstrom Mahler Museum  to take in: The Legacy of Littleton and His Students.  I finally have a little time to sit down and write about this glasstastic field trip with MCGAG as I attempt to shake off this lovely post-Christmas flu that has hit in full force. Lucky for me it came after the holidays, and lucky for you I am not contagious.

The highly informative exhibition runs from September 14, 2012 to February 24, 2013, so there is still time for glass enthusiasts to treat themselves to a visit!  The exhibition features the work of Harvey Littleton and his early students who further developed and shared glass as a studio art. Featured artists include Christopher Ries, Dale Chihuly, David Huchthausen, Tom McGlauchlin, Audrey Handler, Gary Beecham, Fritz Dreisbach, Michael Taylor, Marvin Lipofsky, Tom Philabaum, Roland Jahn, Colleen Ott, Henry Halem, John Brekke, Bill Boysen, Vernon Brejcha, Brent Cox, Jack Ink, Kent Ipsen, Dan Schwoerer, Colleen Ott, John Littleton and Kate Vogel.

Make time to visit if at all possible. You will not be sorry you did! It’s a beautiful setting, tucked away in a charming, off the beaten path location. I came away from the experience with a great appreciation for the Museum’s recent decision to focus entirely on glass in their collection. I especially enjoyed seeing what they have going on from an educational stand point with children and youth in their community. Oh that they were closer! I have four eager students who would be regular visitors. It is truly exciting to see so many classes offered to children to get them interested in glass as a medium! It may even inspire me to take on that task myself in the near future.

As if our visit to Bergstrom-Mahler wasn’t enough, we went on to tour glass artist Mick Meilahn’s studio in the middle of corn fields of Pickett, WI.  My glass artist friend Linda Oeffling at Rowenberry Studio wrote a beautiful post that goes into great detail including lots of fabulous pictures of Mick creating one of his giant corn pieces. You must check it out!

Finally, on the subject of Littleton’s Legacy, CBS Morning News aired a delightful segment in September on the Art and History of Studio Glass. I tried to post the video here unsuccessfully.  Geeky glassfolk might enjoy visiting the CBS website for this informative video—–>

Thank you for visiting!

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