Soul Searching: Part I

Well said, my beloved TMBG friends. Time marches on, does it not?

Many truly exciting things have happened during these last six months since my last blog post. It is going to require two separate blog posts be composed to fully catch my readers (do I really have any at this point? lol) up on the delicious details.

Four Chicks

In early June I continued working on a mixed-media collage piece on a phone book page that had begun at a most enjoyable art night a my friend Libby’s house. This whimsical portrait was another failed attempt at my great grandma and still isn’t quite finished. Big surprise! lol She ended up taking on more of a self-portrait like feel as her icy stare invites the observer to reflect on the life of a mother of four. Perhaps this will also give the observer extra special insight into why I have not had a blog post in the last six months!

In June, my mother, my four children, two dogs, a russian tortoise and I road tripped to Omaha, NE. The kids enjoyed the Omaha Zoo, Lauritzen Gardens, the Strategic Air & Space Museum, fossil hunting and hanging out at the KOA while I was away spending a dreamy couple of days with Anne Nye in her glass studio creating my first piece of glass art larger than 6 x 6 in. in scale.

Anne Nye & I in front of her show stopping Poppy. A dream come true!

I arrived with a photograph to work from that was taken from one of my husbands Alaskan trips and set about making him an extra special Father’s Day present which now happily resides above the fireplace mantle.  Here is the finished frit-worked piece on the left sharing precious kiln-space with Anne’s beautiful pieces, ready for firing.

Sharing precious kiln space with my favorite glass mentor and friend, Anne Nye.

With a hefty dose of gratitude, I came home from that trip so inspired and fired up with my head swirling with new information and ideas.  However, apart from finally getting my new kiln installed, that is about all of the glassy stuff I accomplished this summer. July and August were all about the family, soul searching and trying to learn Photoshop Elements. Summer involved lots of biking outings, playdates with friends, art camps, swimming lessons, piano lessons, two piano recitals, vacation bible school, Youth group, and backyard BBQs with lots more swimming, and multiple fishing trips to local parks.

Honey bees entering and exiting a local hive while honey is harvested.

I also spent the summer chasing bees and expanding on my bee identification skills after signing up to be a Bee Spotter  for the University of Illinois.  It was also on my heart to be able to take better close up shots of the bees for potential use in my glasswork at some point.  My husband and I took a Simple photography class with Nancy Merkling after retiring my older point and shoot camera and upgrading to a Sony Nex 5N. It was immensely helpful going through Nancy’s class and becoming more familiar with the new camera. I need to get my buns back there for more instruction.

Summer ended with a much anticipated vacation to our favorite island in northern Michigan.  We spent some quality time with family, geocached, fished, kayaked, square danced (7 yr Mitchell), attempted to identify plants, snake charmed (Megan caught and released at least 13!), and explored the island. To say that time on this very special island restores my soul is an absolute understatement (read Seek and ye shall find part I & II). A real highlight for me there this summer, was attending worship services in the charming little church with an interesting story behind its stained glass window that I wrote about on this blog in December 2011 in Seek and Ye Shall Find: Part I and Part II.

If the amount of fun one experiences directly coorelates with how fast time flies, time flew by at warp speed for our family’s summer of 2012. In part II of my post I will touch on the other really, truly exciting glassy related happenings. However, I promise it will take 6 days (or so) and not 6 months this time.

Panoramic view of Golden Rod in bloom by the airport on Bois Blanc Island, August 2012.

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2 Responses to Soul Searching: Part I

  1. Looking forward to next edition. Now need to look up te island on a map – sounds ideal!

    • willbdunn says:

      Thanks Jenie! I really enjoy your thoughtful blog posts as well…I can only imagine what the islands in your part of the world must be like! Dreamy! Bois Blanc Island is right next door to the more famous Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.

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