Glass Tapestry with David Alcala

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of taking David Alcala’s Glass Tapestry class at The Vinery in Madison. What an absolute treat! It’s always fun getting to hang out with other glassy folk and be stretched in new directions. To get a good idea of where David’s unique talents lie, you simply must visit his website and watch the video of him working. Like the part of the country he comes from, David’s approach is relaxed and laid back as he generously shared his exciting discoveries in glass. I’m feeling so thankful to have had this amazing opportunity.

Here is a picture of him doing a demonstration using sand, the medium he became famous for working with before switching to glass in recent years. He and his wife are from Monterey, CA and operate a gallery called Sand to Glass near the heart of historic Cannery Row. As this amazing scene unfolded, I instantly recognized the famous “Lone Cypress Tree” that is found on the 17-mile scenic drive down the pacific coast on the Monterey peninsula. Years ago on a solo trip out west, I drove down the coast with it’s breathtaking views from Monterey, to Big Sur. Along the way I saw grey whales during their migration and toured the Post Ranch Inn after making friends with a nice lady who worked there. Great memories!

David also demonstrated all the different and exciting ways to use his Flexi-glass medium which you can see him explain in great detail on his website here. I am so bleeping excited to try out some of these techniques, I can even begin to describe it.

During the class we experimented with sand, as he introduced different techniques to us to achieve different results.  Then we got to descend upon the bottles of frit, and have a go at our own glass tapestries.

For my first attempt, I chose a minimal color palette and simple design. I kind of rushed through the mountain parts, and see ways I can improve them. I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like after firing and adding some more details to the piece. This technique definitely appeals to the little kid inside of me. It’s like heading for the beach and playing in the sand with all it’s endless possibilities! It’s going to be a total blast playing around with this new and innovative approach to working with glass. Many thanks to David Alcala and to The Vinery for hosting such a delightful class!


Update on Solve the Mystery. Win something.

Here is a picture of what the piece became (before firing). You can see the mystery piece made up the cardinals body.

The next Mystery Piece was just posted on my Facebook Page if anyone would like to take a guess. Remember it may prove helpful to check both places for guesses.

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5 Responses to Glass Tapestry with David Alcala

  1. So glad you found the class rewarding. Your piece is wonderful – I love the subtle detail in the mountains and in the water. Nice post!

  2. Jan (from Holand) says:

    Thank you for posting ! Nice work !

    I wonder how you made the `leaves` on the image with the black object ?

    • willbdunn says:

      Welcome Jan…Thank you for commenting. The picture you are referring to is a piece of glass on an aluminum serving tray that I got from a resale shop. How it was made is not something I am familiar with, but would be fun to figure out! It is quite pretty!

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