Two to tango?

It’s quite refreshing to have to different mediums, glass and collage, as dance partners to tango back and forth between the two. If I tire of one or hit a mental road block, the other is always there to welcome me with open arms. My first love and favorite dance partner will always be glass. It appeals to my inner mad scientist and has taken hold of me to want to know it and understand it more intimately. Because of the nature of the material, the dance is more complex to learn and master, making the occasional success I have experienced thus far with glass all the sweeter. But there are things I want to communicate in glass, that I haven’t been able to do thus far. This blue jay was a request from a friend in memory of a dear friend she lost who adored blue jays. It was new territory for me and I learned a great deal bringing him to life.

Perhaps it’s that background and experience in glass, piecing projects together, that naturally lends itself well to collage where I am piecing papers together in a similar fashion, minus the blood loss and bandaids…I have found with collage that I experience a freedom in the process compared to glass. Part of that freedom comes from having any color I need at my disposal with paints and water-soluble pastels. My hope is that the time will come, after much more experimentation and discovery in glass, when I feel that same sense of freedom with my glass work. One can always hope! I‘m most definitely a WIP (work in progress).

There are times when I have come to really enjoy uniting both mediums, dancing with both at the same time. I definitely feel pulled in that direction too.  I had the unique opportunity to participate in a wonderful project last year. It was called the Paper Packets Project put on by Kathy LaRocco at the Studio Art School in McHenry. The theme was, Ecological Ethics in a Global Society and the Studio debuted all the participants work around the time of Earth Day last year. In the fall we wrapped up our papers intended for the project, and placed them outside for the winter months so that Mother nature could have her way with them. In Reverent Reflections, I began to scratch the surface into exploring the subject of stewardship, chosing to use bamboo as the substrate, along with the upcycled papers and glass from a Charles Shaw wine bottle. Being a good steward of God’s creation continues to be a topic of great interest to me…

So shall I tango with glass or paper today? Which one is calling my name? Perhaps the three of us can unite on the dance floor and turn a few heads…Either that or give them a good laugh! This video pretty much sums it all up for me. 🙂

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2 Responses to Two to tango?

  1. Lucy says:

    Beautifully written Brandy, I enjoy your posts so much. Keep dancing!

  2. willbdunn says:

    Thank you for your encouragement Lucy! The dancing is the best part of the process…. 😉 lol

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